Hello, and welcome to libertysolutionsnow.com, the official website of Justin Bauman.

All of my life I’ve ruminated over the following questions: 

Why do we think, feel, and act in certain ways? Why is the world the way it is? How do we make it better? What are the forces at work that determine what we experience in our lives? 

Here we’ll deeply explore the following concepts and more on our journey to answer the questions posed above: 

  • What Natural Law is and how it determines what we collectively experience
  • Ancient mind control techniques used to direct human behavior
  • How to differentiate between Truth and Deception
  • What Anarchy actually is
  • What it really takes to be Free and Prosperous
  • Grassroots Solutions anyone can start doing NOW to begin the journey of living a truly free life


Everything emphasized here is intended to empower you to take personal responsibility and take action to make your own life and the lives of others around you better off without asking for permission or wasting any time.

I encourage you to start with show #1 and work your way up from there. Prerequisite knowledge is required to fully understand future shows. I would strongly discourage you to NOT skip around because this will cause you to have holes in your knowledge and as a result not understand the whole picture that the show is intended to help you see.

So thank you for visiting my site. I sincerely hope what you discover here you’ll find valuable. If you do, feel free to share this site widely so that others as well may begin the process of liberating themselves. 


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